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The First Day of Spring

March 20, 2017
The First Day of Spring

Better Things for Brighter Days

Bluebird skies and approximately 12 hours and 11 minutes of sunlight on this first day of spring in Vermont! Suffice to say, with the remnants of the second biggest snowfall on record for the month of March still blanketing the landscape, it is truly gorgeous out right now, and a sight to see; that is, if you can see it without squinting too hard.

With Prescription Sunglasses, you do not need to choose between seeing where you’re going and what you’re doing, and enjoying these beautiful sunny spring days without painfully squinting.

UV Protection

Did you know that the sun’s reflection off of snow or water can magnify the strength of ultraviolet rays (UV) by up to 80%!

Did you also know the higher the altitude, the more intense and potentially damaging those rays can be? 

Now imagine you’re enjoying an early spring hike with the dogs up to the top of Camel’s Hump or Hunger Mountain, where the snow is still deep, the sun is blinding on a cloudless sky, and you’re squinting your way to the top… That’s a lot of UV rays your taking in! 

Prescription sunglasses can block 100% of the sun's harmful UV rays, and still provide you with your personalized prescription so you can do everything you need to do, and protect yourself at the same time.

UV protection is not related in any way to the color or density of the tint in sunglass lenses. That means, you can choose any lens color and thickness you like, and still be sure you’re protected.

Glaring Multitude of Options

You may in fact find yourself squinting a little when you settle in to pick a frame.

Sunglasses come in all kinds of shapes, styles, and colors, with polarized lens materials including high-index, impact resistant polycarbonate, regular (CR-39) plastic, Trivex (a lightweight material similar to polycarbonate), and glass.

Sunglasses can also double as your everyday prescription eyeglasses. Photochromic tinted lenses, otherwise known as gradient or "transition lenses," darken in sunlight and then transition back to a relatively clear lens indoors. Transition lenses actually require UV rays to enable the transition, meaning they can be a little less functional behind windshields or glass that may already provide some UV protection. Depending on what you're doing everyday, transition lenses could be ideal in some instances, but maybe a little less so in others. 

Your Prescription Goes Where You Go

If you wear glasses every day, it’s likely you require your corrective prescription to function optimally out in the world, wherever you go. And unless you’re living in a cave, that means going outside at least once in a while. If you’ve looked outside today, it’s likely you’ll want to get out there sooner than later! 

Prescription sunglasses are available for virtually any prescription, including bifocal and progressives. If you wear contact lenses, you may find that prescription sunglasses are even more convenient where contacts just become itchy or irritating, like on the beach, or on extended trips outdoors where dealing with your contact lens cleaning and solution can be cumbersome and annoying.

Having a pair of prescription sunglasses on hand for these and other occasions might be just the solution you were looking for.

Express Yourself

Berlin Optical Expressions has an incredible selection of designer frames in hundreds of shapes and sizes waiting for you in our showroom.

Vermonters wait all winter for the sun to come back and you don’t want to miss a minute of it! Come by and check out our dazzling collection of sunglasses in stock today, and treat yourself to the protection you need in all lighting conditions, and the styles you demand to impress.

Happy Spring Equinox from all your friends at Berlin Optical Expressions!