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Prescription Safety Glasses – Seeing is Believing

March 31, 2022
Prescription Safety Glasses – Seeing is Believing

For purposes of this blog, we are going to be just a little liberal with our definition of “safety” to include keeping your eyes safe from the effects of the sun as well! It’s hard to argue that sunglasses aren’t really just cool looking safety glasses…

Beyond the things we can’t see getting into and doing damage to our eyes like UV rays, there are the more physical hazards anyone working outdoors or with power tools may encounter everyday like shards of metal, stones, or splinters of wood. While your everyday eyeglasses will help you see what you’re doing, they’re not always the best at keeping that flying debris from getting into your eyes. 

Enter prescription safety glasses!

Wraparound Eye Protection

There are two key differences between your everyday eyeglasses and safety glasses. For one thing, safety glasses are generally made from lightweight and incredibly strong polycarbonate that’s designed to withstand the occasional unforeseen impact from a flying shard of metal or wood.

Second, the most effective safety glasses will wrap around the sides and bottom of your eyes to not allow for any flying object to find its way around your glasses and into your eyes. It sounds incredible, but it happens all the time!

Taking your safety glasses a step further, many lenses can have added glare protection and scratch resistance providing you with long-lasting eye protection as well as optimal vision for those technical tasks.

Protecting Your Eyes from the Sun

It’s easy to imagine the dangers of getting shard of metal in your eye, but what might not seem as obvious is the hazard of relentless UV exposure from the sun. Too much UV exposure can cause cataracts, growths on the white of your eyes called pinguecula and pterygia, and ultimately macular degeneration.

Turns out, the cornea of your eye can get “sunburned” as well as your skin causing painful inflammation by way of unfiltered UV ray exposure.

Sounds like a situation where safety glasses would really come in handy! Luckily, protecting your eyes from UV rays is as simple as sunglasses, and prescription sunglasses are the bees’ knees!

Optical Showroom

Berlin Optical Expressions has over 1500 different traditional eyeglass frames in our showroom, but we also have a wide selection of name brand sunglasses and safety glasses, all of which can be outfitted with your prescription for optimal safety and perfect vision.

Come visit us, talk to our talented opticians, and gear up today!

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