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Performance Sports Eyewear: 25% OFF Through September

September 22, 2018
Performance Sports Eyewear: 25% OFF Through September

First Day of Autumn, Eight More Days of 25% Off!

If you haven’t stopped by Berlin Optical Expressions this month, you’ve been missing our performance sports eyewear sale.

All Sports Eyewear Are 25% Off Through September!

Performance sports eyewear helps you take your game to the next level with next level innovations and technologies that ensure you can see clearly, safely, and comfortably. Push your game and your eyewear to the limits.

·      Virtually Indestructible Frames

·      Interchangeable Shatter-Proof Lenses

·      Precision Prescriptions

·      Advanced Impact Resistant Technology

·      Sun and Glare Protection

·      Customizable Fit

·      Youth and Adult Sizing

It’s so much harder to exceed your expectations, when your eyewear slows you down. Performance sport and active eyewear is specifically designed with your game and training requirements in mind.

All performance sports eyewear brands including Liberty Sports Rec Specs are 25% Off through September!

Put on Your Game-Face!

“Sports are too tough for everyday glasses.”  Traditional eyeglasses are not designed for with the athlete in mind. All sports, even those that require a helmet, demand eyeglasses as advanced and innovative as any other equipment on the field. Not all eyewear is designed to protect you from the impact of fast-flying objects, elbows, unforeseen falls, racquets, and balls; but sports eyewear is.

Custom lenses, neoprene adjustable sport band straps, paracord straps, extreme wraparound protection, high performance sun and glare protection, expanded prescription peripheral vision. Everything your office eyewear lacks except your prescription. Come speak to one of our expert opticians today, and check out our wide selection of sport and active eyewear for the whole family.

On Your Mark…

With winter sports season right around the corner, and indoor sports leagues stepping onto the pitch, take advantage of Berlin Optical Expressions 25% off sale right now to protect your eyes, enhance your vision, and improve your game.

Engineered to exceed your expectations, our sports eyewear collection is that essential missing piece of your uniform. You wouldn’t hit the field without cleats, the ice without skates, or the snow-covered hill without a sled? See the difference performance eyewear designed by and for athletes of all ability can make.

Play Hard at Berlin Optical Expressions!