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Featured Product – Kaenon Sunglasses

April 18, 2018
Featured Product – Kaenon Sunglasses

Spring is Coming… We Promise!

It’s been a long, grey winter, and just like everyone else, we’re patiently awaiting the return of sunny days and moderate temperatures. Anything would be better than five dreary days of sleet and rain!

Despite the relentless cloud cover, we still believe in the sun, and know that at some point it’s going to make it’s triumphant return. With that firm belief in our hearts, and fortitude in our minds as we drudge through the slush, we’re planning ahead…

Clearer, Lighter, Stronger!

Our connoisseur opticians are always on the lookout for the latest trends and styles in prescription and recreational eyewear, but more than that, we seek out the brands and technologies that are redefining the industry.

Kaenon Sunglasses are committed to the kind of innovation and foresight that literally changes the way we see the world.

“From the beginning, the very best has always been our standard. That is why every piece of eyewear we make is free from compromise: a completely revolutionary lens material, SR-91, and performance driven frames, that seamlessly combine comfort and style. We remain committed to always introducing cutting edge eyewear and always remaining on the forefront of product innovation.“

Kaenon eyewear specializes in performance polarization. Their patented sunglass lenses are engineered to:

  • Repel oil, dirt, and water
  • Increased scratch resistance
  • Glass-like clarity
  • Featherweight construction
  • Active lifestyle fit
  • Optimal glare reduction
  • Base tints including grey, brown, copper, and yellow
  • Performance mirror tints in pacific blue, coastal green, silver, gold, and rose
  • Distinctive color enhancing lenses

Better things and brighter days are definitely on their way, and Kaenon sunglasses are part of what makes those brighter days even better.

Active Lifestyle

Kaenon sunglasses are literally engineered for the outdoors. All your sun-drenched sports from golf to paddle boarding, fishing, cycling, sailing, and soaking it in, require sunglasses that will meet and exceed your expectations, and take your game to the next level.

By featuring Kaenon products at Berlin Optical Expressions, we are committing ourselves to also meeting and exceeding what you’re looking for from your local optician. Our team’s pursuit of the best brands in the business never ends, and allows us to meet some of the most incredible innovators and designers in the business.

“Kaenon was founded by two brothers who were unsatisfied with the sunglasses available on the market. Determined to create something better, they developed the proprietary polarized SR-91® lens — the world’s first non-compromising polarized lens.”

Intimidating Selection

Our eyeglass/sunglass showroom has literally hundreds upon hundreds of shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from. Our already intimidating selection of designer brands has seriously stepped up its game with the addition of Kaenon to our impressive collection.

Stop by today to and get your active lifestyle activated with Kaenon sunglasses, or any of our other incredible designer product lines. We can assure you, the sun will be coming back any day now… Your eyes will thank you!

Kaenon Sunglasses at Berlin Optical Expressions – Performance Redefined!